Focus on Cancer has a strong presence with their voting board members and advisory board members to provide guidance to the non-profit in many strategic areas. The members of these boards combined include accomplished individuals from several different professional fields. Importantly, members of both boards also include individuals who have been personally diagnosed with cancer and gone through treatment, or have lost loved ones to cancer.

All members feel passionate about the mission of Focus on Cancer and share its vision. The collaboration of these members creates a diverse and comprehensive wealth of professional knowledge, support, and strength to Focus on Cancer, providing strategic advice and guidance regarding all aspects of cancer.

Focus on Cancer is honored to have members from both boards include individuals of high integrity, compassion, drive, and well-deserved accomplishments in the professional expertise within their chosen field.

The following professional fields are represented by our board members and advisory board:

Finance Management


Social Services

Youth Counseling

Human Resources





Business Strategy



Computer Programming

Donor Relations

Media Communications

Non-Profit Grant Writing

Event Coordinating

Clinical Trials Management


Medical Writing