Focus on Cancer is committed to reducing social isolation by assisting cancer patients and their families to re-engage in social connections.

A diagnosis of cancer changes a person’s world in ways that can only be understood by those who have experienced it. Along with the fear of the unknown of both the immediate and long-term future, and the thought of grueling treatment, cancer patients often experience extreme social isolation during their treatment – as well as after they are finished with therapy.

This isolation comes at a time when many patients and their loved ones long to connect with each other and their known world. Through social isolation, patients experience more anxiety, depression, anguish and fear, all of which compound to the enormity of the diagnosis of cancer.

Focus on Cancer strongly believes that social connectedness is an important component in mental and emotional healing for those who have fought, or are fighting cancer.   Whether patients are seeking to maintain communication with their loved ones through this time, or whether patients are seeking to create new relationships with others who have been through the cancer journey on a personal level, Focus on Cancer provides ways to facilitate and foster both of these types of human connections.

Thus far, Focus on Cancer has established two highly successful programs to reduce social isolation that have reached throughout the entire Pacific Northwest,California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana: our recreational events program and our iPad program.  We are also in the process of implementing more novel programs to reduce social isolation that will include the entire families of cancer patients.